Travel Vaccinations


Our mobile vaccination service aids organizations to manage and minimize potential travel health problems so that they can focus on the job at hand. Our professional nurse travel advisors offer an in-house service saving your employees time and trouble of having to leave the office. We provide a full travel health advisory service to keep clients up-to-date in the constantly changing travel health environment, aiding to avoid potentially costly repatriations, overseas hospital visits and rejected insurance claims. We provide companies, government agencies and charities with a full range of travel health services, provision and assistance, before, during and after their trip, including:

Full Travel Assessment: full travel risk consultation, vaccinations and malaria protection for each employee.
Insurance Assessment: advice on adequate immunization for destinations to ensure insurance compliance as well as discussing the need to disclose any previous medical conditions.
Relationship Management: personalized advice and information from a travel nurse single point of contact.
Pre and Post Travel Health Checks: complimentary bi-annual pre-travel assessments for all your employees.
Documentation: Access to our online travel risk consultation forms.
Risk Management: Management of employee vaccination history and reminder service for vaccination boosters; employees will be prepared to travel throughout the year.
Corporate Account: Consolidated invoice for all employees and corporate account advantages.
Malaria Tablets: Once assessed, malaria tablets and travel medicines are available by courier within hours, helping keep clients covered during last minute travel.